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      4. HomeTFF Membrane Filtration Holder
        Lab Products

          High Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        • HP Plus

          Bigloop for Sample Loading

        • Bigloop

        Product Features

        Complete in specifications Three types0.1-0.5㎡,0.5-3㎡,3-20㎡, meet requirements from lab scale process development to process scale production. Through a combination of cassettes, membrane area is ranging from 20-100㎡

        Other holder size can be customized. Compatible with many global mainstream brand cassette, including GE, PALL, Sartorius, Millipore, TangenX, etc.

        Sanitary design, thread connecting element and liquid flow path are completely separated, without cross contamination

        Well polished interior, Ra≤0.4

        Application Area

        • Vaccine, virus purification
        • Purification of plasma products
        • Cell collection, clarification and filtration
        • Monoclonal antibody, purification of recombinant protein
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