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        Contact us

        Lisure has always been endeavoring to pursue excellent product quality, our goal is providing customer with satisfactory products and service. The strategic target of Lisure Science is to become a professional provider and manufacturer of scientific instruments and equipment in chemical and biological Pharmaceuticals.

        Pre-sales Support

        +86 (512)69369998

        After Sales Support

        +86 (512)69561832

        [email protected]

        Taobao Shop

        Please search “利穗科技” or click the following link to find our shop.


        Company Address

        Lisure Science (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (Headquarters)

        No.18 Jiangpu Road, Shengpu, Suzhou Industrial Park, China

        Zip Code: 215126

        Tel:+86 (512)69561800 (总机)

        Fax:+86 (512)69561830

        Lisure Science (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (Experimental Center)

        C12 Building, NO.218 Xing Hu Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park, China

        Zip Code: 215125

        Tel:+86 (512)62625869 (总机)

        Fax:+86 (512)69561830

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