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        Founded in Suzhou Industrial Park since 2009, Lisure Science (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is a national hi-tech enterprise. Currently, Lisure has set up with one 20,000㎡production facility (Shengpu) and one 3,000㎡application center (Biobay) . Lisure Science is a professional provider of technology and products in biopharmaceutical separation and purification. We focus on the development and amplification of separation and purification process, selection and optimization of separation media, customization of separation and purification system, design and implementation of separation and purification projects, providing customer with total solution. In biological production process like filtration and separation, chromatography and purification, on-line buffer mixing, we can also provide automated, intelligent and personalized solution. Our products and services cover the whole biopharmaceutical process from medicine discovery, pilot scale-up to scale production. Now, Lisure provides more than 500 biopharmaceutical enterprises and R&D institutions with products and services in monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein and bloods products.

        Main Products

        Lab Scale Automated Purification Systems (chromatography and Ultrafiltration)
        Pilot Scale Automated Purification Systems (chromatography, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, on-line buffer mixing)
        Process Scale Automated Purification Systems (chromatography, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, on-line buffer mixing)
        Automated In-place Buffer Preparation Systems
        Chromatography column packing workstation
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