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      4. HomeProcess Scale Column Loading Training

        Course Objectives

        • Teaching column filling procedure and precautions.
        • Teaching device usage.
        • Exhibit product features and performance.
        • Show the company image.

        Course Content

        The most commonly used three kinds of process scale column structure and filling methods to explain in detail.Combination of theory and practice.9-12 students each class Everyone can operate on his own.Communicate and experiment with experts to discuss the problems encountered during process development

        Training Products

        • SAC-Bio Column (Screw Axial Compression)
        • EAC-Bio Column (Electronic Axial Compression)
        • Process Scale Protein Purification Column

        Registration Method

        • Make and send the WeChat invitation letter 1 month before the commencement of the course.
        • E-mail:[email protected]/[email protected]
        • Tell:18913131005
        • Assist in booking accommodation with sales or clients a week early.
        • Send confirmation list to relevant sales and copy to [email protected]
        • 9-15 students each class.
        • Excess or less than that, please notify the marketing department at least one week before the [email protected]
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