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      4. Passed ISO 9001 quality system certification

        Passed ISO 9001 quality system certification

        Raw Material Management: Supplier Audits, Incoming Quality Control

        Process Traceability Management: Material Batch Record, Material Label

        Production Process Quality: Component Function Test, Welding Record, QC & Assembly Process Check, Final Functional Test

        Shipping Management: QC Test before Shipment, Shipping Documents Inspection, Packaging and Packing Check

        Quality Test Devices
        safety specification

        safety specification

        Measure grounding and leakage current by the IEC61010-1 LVD EMC standard to ensure electrical safety.

        • Laser marking apparatus

          Laser marking apparatus

        • Material detection spectrometer

          Material detection spectrometer

          Material strict control,traceable

        • 3D Roughness Measuring Instrument

          3D Roughness Measuring Instrument

          Measure pipe roughness and ensure that the roughness of the contact pipe meets ASME BPE requirements

        Key considerations in the selection of production hardware

        Key considerations in the selection of production hardware

        Quality: Quality System, ISO 9001, Regulations and Standards, cGMP,21CFR ,Part 11, GAMP5 , ASME,Strict Quality Inspection of Raw Materials, ASME Pipe Fitting, Process Quality Control

        Performance: URS, Design Validation, Quality Plan, FAT Documents & Service, SAT Documents & Service, IQ Documents & Service, QQ Documents & Service, Customer Training.


        Price:Offer competitive prices,Flexible product configuration more to meet the needs of customization

        Service & Support:Pre-sales & after-sales service support、Application Support、Process development & process optimization、 Offer regular customer training courses.

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